1. How would you define and measure success?

2. As a student, how can you be a peacemaker?

3. As a student, how can you be a healer?

4. As a student, how can you be a restorer?

kaylangan ko na ngayon pls. pasagutan nman nito ty :D
1. Everyone has their own definition of success in their life. And it's not our job to live up someone else idea of success. But for me, success is achieving what we have been aim at, success is about what where we do our best to have a great quality in our life and family.
2.We do many things wrong. But as a student we can be a peacemaker. To become a peacemaker you need to interact with people you see, you also need to cooperate with them, avoiding conflicts, and most of all respect the people's right. Because we are the only one who help each other.
3. To be a healer we must comfort some people who need us and do something to find the possible solution on their problems. Not like , One person have a problem we will add it , instead we help them.
4. Being restorer we can do is to understand and communicate with people properly. Trust and Hope to each other to have a good relationship with them.


As a student, i will do my best and i share my knowledge to someone who need my help. And i will not depend on materials & thing to love, But the important is my inner of my life.. maong mo auccess ang usa ka tao.

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