Solving Problems Involving Quadratic Equations.
Test 1.Solve the following.Show complete solutions.
1.)A boat traveled 60 miles down a river and then returned.The total time for the round trip was 5 hours and the rate of the current was 5 mph.Find the rate of the boat in still water.
2.)Pipes A and B can fill a tank together in 3 hours.Pipe A requires 8 hours longer alone than Pipe B.How many hours would it take Pipe B to fill the tank alone?
3.)Working alone, Mina can validate the submitted reports of the sales department in 8 hours less time than it takes Joy working alone.Working together, they completed the job in 20 hours.How long will it take Mina working alone to finish the report?
4.)A car travels 120 miles.A second car, traveling 10 mph faster than the first car, makes the same trip in 1 hours less time.Find the speed of each car.
5.)If one side of a rectangle is 2 meters shorter than the other side and the diagonal is 10 meters long, then what are the dimensions of the rectangle?
6.)A rectangular picture has a height that is 5/7 of its width.Its area is 140 square inches.What are the dimensions of the picture.
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T1 + t2=5;

60/v+5 +60/v-5=5;
60v-300+60v +300=5(v^2-25);
v=25mph..speed still in water;

1 5 1
1/a +1/b= 1/3;
1/(8+x) + 1/x=1/3; 3/{8+x}+3/x=1;3x +24 +3x =8x+x^2;x^2 +2x-24; x=4hours...0r for b=4hours, please practie the rest
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