My mom. she feel me positively no matter what . she encourage me to fight and to be strong . when I'm getting hurt she still there to comfort me , hug me and she is always there to care and to love me.
Not a person, but the feeling itself. Being discriminated, despised by many for being the person who you are, and being chained to the standards of society, is keeping you from being who the person is. Seeing their disgusted faces when eyes are upon you, makes you feel unimportant, this will eventually leads into depression and self-hatred. In their shoes, they are insecure. Discrimination is not easy to deal with, especially living in a world pouring with judgmental glances and thoughts. How they love to compare and insult in their heads and voice it out, causing unintentional offence and insecurity.
The thought of being in their shoes is enough of an evidence that would trigger the humanity within humans. With it, people of colors, sizes, characteristics, and sexuality, are all accepted and treated the same.