God is eternal, thus no beginning and no end.
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God never came from something.Would someone create something if he is also created?God is ALL-POWERFUL,more than infinity,which means He is Forever and Eternal,He created All things,which means He cannot be created by someone.There is none like Him.Our minds is limited so we cannot understand everything.God is a Spirit and He is Omnipotent and Omnipresent, which He is Everywhere and there is none He will not see,He is also Omniscient,which means He knows Everything and He perceive all things,which means that no fact can be hidden from knowledge,He covers all things,Future,Present and Past.He loves us even we are not worthy,He gave His only son Jesus to Redeem us and to set us Free.His Understanding and Intelligence, and Knowledge is way above than infinity,He covers whole and reach the unknown,the things that we will not answer even we die.These things I say even lacks,because there is more things to know about HIM.
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