Beacause god wants to do new things so we can go live and die cause you connot make in heaven and god started to do new good  things and the old and bad just flew away like noah, he built an ark and he spent 40 days and nights because theres a lot of people not believing god and thats why they need to be punished from hell

I ask this to you for answering your own question "Why did God create you?" "Do you know why?" The answer is just simple, because HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH and through that love HE let HIS only begotten son JESUS CHRIST "DIE" on the cross so that we would be forgiven from our sins and give us a chance to live with HIM in HEAVEN through JESUS CHRIST, so we must BELIEVE and ACKNOWLEDGE HIM as our personal God and SAVIOR so that we would be renewed in HIM through the Holy Spirit within us.

If you are interested and want to know more about God and Jesus and your salvation, do not be afraid to ask me.
I will leave one clinching statement or more like a question so that you would be thinking about it.
"Are you sure you are saved and are a true believer of Christ?"