In my own opinion , Though their extinction is a mystery . I think why dinosaurs became extinct on earth it's because of maybe geologic events , a big meteorite crashed into the earth that it changed the climate conditions so explicit that dinos could not withstand or survive the impact of meteorites. Some case would be a disease that dinos would be wiped out the entire population and food chain imbalance. There are some also theories if you have time you could research this from the internet.
Dinosaur extinction is a mystery,But Scientist concluded what things that made dinosaurs extinct it is called Cretaceous tertiary extinction or (k-t ) extinction,according to them it is a massive extinction that includes dinosaurs,plants and animals present.It happens about 65-66 million years,and made it wiped out the entire dinosaur species which according to them are the changes in climate and moisture patterns which has great effects in their survival
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