U need to know the 90/10 effect:
The 90/10 effect is that the 10% in your life happens without no reason while 90% in your life happens in how you react
Example: it is morning, you were taking your breakfast when your daughter spilled a glass of coffee in your pants (the 10% effect) and your harshly screamed and scolded at her. After changing your clothes, you hear your daughter crying and she misses the bus. You go to your car and send your daughter to school following a large traffic which causes you 15 minutes late and you forgot your bag at home saying that it is your worst day ever. Then at home, your find yourself at a complicated relationship between your wife and daughter.

This is what was about to happen:
You tell daughter that its ok when she almost cried and you change your clothes, your daughter rode at the bus 5 minutes early and you go to work 5 minutes early not mentioning the heavy traffic and you go to your home seeing a happy day with your family.

See the difference?