On a Saturday morning,you washed most of your clothes and they are still wet.Your friend invites you to attend his birthday party and you are left with only 2 pants and 3 shirts.In how many different ways can you dress?Make a tree diagram to show all the choices you can make. a.How many choices do you have for pants?_______________________________ b.How many choices for shirts are there?__________________________________ c.Draw a tree diagram to show the number of choices.________________________ d.How many branches are there in the tree diagram?________________________ e.How are the branches of the tree diagram related to the number of choices that you can make?Therefore,in how many different ways can you dress?_______________ f.You have 2 choices for pants and 3 choices for shirts.What should you do with the two tasks to get the answer easily and quickly?




a. How many choices for the pants? 6 choices, since there are 3 shirts and 2 pants: 2(3)=6

b. The same with a

c. Sorry, I don't know how to draw here :(

d. 12 branches

e. 12 ways

f. Three times two