Q13-they tell us that the landmasses are once connected to each other as proven by the fossils
q14-antartica is not as cold as it is now , before , it is capable of growing plants and it has a climate that is suitable to living organism
q15- antartica is in the south
q16-the three continents are near to each other
q17-shape , edges , corners , fossils , rocks of the continents
q18-the neighbors in the north are north and south America , Eurasia , and Africa , in the south are Antarctica , india and Australia
q19-yes , because continents are continuously moving as of today
q20- , Philippine islands are from the effects of the convergent plate boundaries
q21-it can be at the most northen part of earth
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additional information : Philippine Island dont came from the supercontinent Pangaea
Philippine Islands didn't came from the supercontinent Pangaea
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