Malunggay leaves can help boost one’s immune system about 10x more than those commercially-made vitamins and other health supplements.
These have 3x more potassium, than our favorite banana.
They also possess anti-cancer compounds such as phytochemicals, to lowly stop the multiplicity of those deadly cancer cells.
Malunggay acts as your “invisible dermatologist” as it can flawlessly restore your abnormal skin conditions without any aid of a plastic surgery.
Effectively controls your blood pressure, as well as your migraine and headache attacks.
For those people with high levels of glucose, these Malunggay leaves can easily decrease your extremely high blood sugar levels.
They can also dynamically increase a male’s sperm count.Malunggay leaves can in time, do away with your tendon inflammations for good.
For those who have insomnia, take a cup of Malunggay leaves before going to bed.It can further make your eye muscles much stronger.
In children, Malunggay can prevent them from incurring intestinal worms.Malunggay reduces asthma attacks.It can treat stomach ulcers painlessly.
It has a high percentage of calcium content.
Therefore, those lactating moms are dearly advised to take it as a tea as often as possible to best benefit their newborn babies.
If you are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency, always drink boiled Malunggay leaves, because these natural wonders contain 4x Vitamin A than carrots.
Malunggay leaves contain Vitamin C percentages which are equal to seven oranges.
Its leaves contain two times the protein in milk.
The Malunggay seed is used to clean dirty or polluted water.
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