Human is Blessefull in the other creation  because he can feel pain happiness and LOVE
Human is the most complex, Way above than all creations God created on Earth. He entrust to us all things He made,We made the World its complexity.Humans have sinned, and it brought the miserable and Darkness.Creation is superbly complex and it brought my mind to explode,it is Way above to my Understanding,and a part of it God has his blueprint for us.He dont just to the past but for the future,and it is Large and awestruck,because we are not Worthy for His Plans,His saving Grace.We are a disgrace to Him,a disgust to His Holiness, He sealed our wounds and break our shackles which bounded our Entire body.What is our Dignity?When Jesus never had Dignity at the cross,never had justice,People all around say mean words,just like we now Doing,We dont recognize Him.
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