(not sure)

1st year: 595,000
2nd year: 505,750
3rd year: 429,887
4th year: 368,404
5th year: 313,143
6th year: 296,171.55

im not sure if the answer is the 6th year or the 5th year. because in the problem you said, it was said AFTER 5 YEARS so i think it's in the 6th year because the word "AFTER" was stated.
Where does 505,750 comes from?
kasi diba like una sa 700 000, you need to get the 15% of it tas iminus mo sa 700 000 yung nakuha mong sagot which is why naging 595 000 then you will also get the 15% of 505 750 then minus then you will get 492 887. Basta continue the process lang :)