50%world’s forests lost

Deforestation and degradation
Despite their immense value, nearly half of the world’s forests have been lost. What’s worse, we’re cutting them down at greater rates each year to plant crops, graze cattle and generate income from timber and other forest products.

11%human-caused emissions from deforestation

Climate change
When forests are cleared, they emit CO2back into the atmosphere and put humanity on a dangerous collision course with the worst of climate change. Deforestation accounts for about 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans — comparable to the emissions from all of the cars and trucks on Earth combined.

50%tropical protected areas may be ‘empty’

Empty forests
More than half of all tropical protected areas may be “empty forests” — containing trees but few animals as a result of overexploitation and uncontrolled hunting. As a result, animal species are in danger of extinction, tree species lose important seed dispersal, and local people lose an important supply of