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Maranaos Culture, Customs And Traditions
1) The term Lanao is derived from the Maranao word “Ranao” meaning a body of water. 
2) “Maranao” means Lake Dweller.
3) They are natives from the land around lake Lanao at the central part of Lanao del Sur.
4) They are a tribe of Malay.
5) One of the three native indigenous muslim groups in Mindanao. (Others: Illanun and Maguindanao).
6) They are approximately 950,000. 90% are in Lanao del Sur while the remaining 10% are in Lanao del Sur though a few of them where in Zamboanga del Sur and Cotabato.
7) Torogan is the traditional residence of the reigning Sultan of the Maranao people and his family. The symbol of a high status family(most are 100 yrs old). It is where the community traditionally gathers for wedding, thanksgiving, rites, enthronements and vigils for the dead. It is a masterpiece due to their unique designs called okir or okkil. Okir is a geometric and flowing design based on an elaborate leaf and vine system. The best known torogans can be found at Dayawan, Marawi City and a few are around in maranao lake.
8) Their language is Maranao and Chabacano
9) Maranao alphabet (dictionary letters, not standardized): A B D AE E G H I K L M N NG O P R S T W Y. AE represents the pepet.