1. Driving me up the wall ! = means: Making me very annoyed
ex. Stop poking me already! You're driving me up the wall!

2. Slap on the wrist = means: Mild punishment
ex. I received a slap on the wrist from my aunt yesterday for going out withour permission.

3. Piece of cake = means: easy
ex. This test is a piece of cake.

4. When pigs fly = means: never
ex. I will say yes when pigs fly.

5. Dry run = means: rehearsal
ex. I can't go to the party this afternoon since I have a dry run to attend.

6. Grey matter = means: use your brain
ex. Stop asking obvious questions and use your grey matter.

7. Once in a blue moon = means: rarely happens
ex. He only shows up once in a blue moon.

8.Greenfingers= means: good at gardening
ex. She really has greenfingers.

9.Raining cats and dogs = means: raining very hard
ex. You can't play outside since it's raining cats and dogs.

10. Back to square one = means: starting all over again
ex. I made a mistake so I guess I'll go back to square one.