How to get the square root of 242 manually, with out using the calculator?

grabe ! ang hirap nan ! adwa ! kahaba ng process haha .. magcalcu ka nalang ! :D
hehehe pag mag calcu akoh hindi ako ma cha challenge nyan ahahah...alam koh na yung process nyan dati kaso nakalimutan ko eh ahahah


Just use the continuous division method.
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Just do it like this...
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hehehe... im sorry maybe u mis interpret my question, but it can be done that way but what do i mean is to solve it having a decimal points
and as i remember the first thing to be done is from left we divide it into 2 square root of 242 it will be square root of 2'42 and then i for got what would be nxt in this process..
heheheh what do i mean is from right hehheh sorry ..
Just use paper and ballpen :)