Repeating: 2.66666... , 5.161616... , 6.333... , basta po narerepeat ang numbers
Non-terminating: pi, e, square root of 5, square root of 6, etc
Terminating: 5, 22, 29.5, 60, 1/2, -2
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please english i do not understand tagalog . nagtatagalog po ako pero littlebit only
sa repeating naman kung ilang number ung nagrerepeat like kung 2.6666, isa lng ang number na nagrerepeat is only in one digit and its number 6. 6will be the dividend will be 10-1 equals to 9. kung 5.161616...dalawang digit naman at 16 yun. yung 16 magiging dividend at ang divisor is 100-1 equals to 99. kaya 16/99 na un.
if the number is a terminating number, the number above as shown is the divedend, while 1 is the divisor example 5/1=5
but im not understand you but it's ok i give you a points thankyou :)
if it is repeating, first you will find the number of digits in the decimal exaple i 2.66666... there is only one digit repeating and it is 6. 6 will be the divedend and the divisor is 10-1=9 so u\it will be 6/9. if there is two digits repeating, like 5.161616, 16 is the number repeating there and it will be the dividend and the divisor is 100-1=99 so it will be 16/99.
Repeating decimal:1.333... , .4666... , .135135135...  
termenating decimal:.625,1.3125,.18 :)