I believe that's not a FUNCTION
that's not even an equation
do you mean | x - 5 | = 0, where x > 5 ?

it'll look like an arrow coinciding the y-axis, the arrow should be straight and not broken to signify that all values of the line are included, then you shade the left side of the graph
but i'm not really sure if your given is a function, maybe there is no true answer. cause if you used the vertical line test on the graph it'd show that it is not a function
p.s. the graph of an inequality is a region, just if you're wondering why there are "shadings"
This is a piecewise. and this is also a function.

f(x)= I x-5 I where x>5
find a number which is greater than five: x=6
I 6-5 I = 1
answer: (6,1)