Given are the following forces:
A=300N, N 45° E
B= 200N, 35° S OF W
C= 500N, 60° N OF E
D= 400N, 37° W OF N

find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force using:
a.) polygon method(graphical method)
b.) rectangular - component method (analytical method)

i need answer please please please.



Rectangular Get the x and y components of each force A: 300cos45 (x-component) and 300sin45 (y-component) B: 200cos(180+35) (x-component) and 200sin(180+35) (y-component) *I added 180 degrees to 35 degrees since the direction is in South of West (3rd quadrant) C: 500cos60 (x-component) and 500sin60 (y-component) D: 400cos(90+37) (x-component) and 400cos(90+37) (y-component) *we add the x-components and y-components to get the components of the resultant force X-component: 57.576 Y-component: 289.70 R = sqrt (x^2 + y^2) R = 295.37 To find the direction tan theta = (289.70/57.576) theta = 78°45'33.5" 295.37 N, 78.76° E of N
*not sure
its okay i'll try to get my answer too :) THANK YOU AGAIN
You're welcome. :)