Sum of x and y ⇒ x+y
5 more than 3 times of j ⇒ 3j+5
product of n and m ⇒ nm
the sum of x and 5 divided by the difference of x and 5 ⇒ (x+5)/(x-5)
the quotient of 5x and the product of x and y ⇒ 5x/xy
the product of the sum and difference of x and y ⇒ (x+y)(x-y)
square of x divided by the product of 5 and y ⇒ x²/5y
cuberoot of a divided by the squareroot of b ⇒ ∛a/√b
square of x plus the cube of x ⇒ x²+x³
the product of the square of g and cube of h ⇒ g²h³