First, write the required in the problem (the one that you are looking for). Second, write the all the data given from the problem. Third, write the formula that you think you are going to use in solving the problem. Fourth, substitute the given data in your formula. Solve until you find the answer. Lastly, check if your answer corresponds to the one you are looking for in the problem.
1. List down what is asked.
2. Then, list down what are the given data.
3. Find in the word problem the operation to be used.
4. Conduct a solution to solve the problem.
5. Check your solution and finalize your answer.


How many x hours does it take for you to complete a 50 000 word typing job if you can type 10 000 words/hour?

1. What is asked?
The no. hours for you to take the typing job.

2. What are given?
10 000 words/hour
50 000 word typing job

3. Find the operation used.
Since we're finding out the number of hours you can type the job if you can type 10 000 words in one hour, we're gonna use division.

4. Solution.

x =  \frac{50,000}{10,000}
x = 5

5. Finalize your answer.
It takes 5 hours for you to type a 50 000 word typing job.