It happened at the Peking City of China.
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How was the story told?
It happened when the Son of Heaven wants a bell to be constructed, so they hired the most skillful workers in China to construct this bell. After the smelting, the bell was finished but was greatly disappointed when the gold and brass won't mix together, so does the silver and iron. The Son became angry so the workers started to work again, but the results became worse. If they can't have the bell made perfectly, the workers would their heads cut off.
One of the worker's daughter, Ko-Ngai heard the predicament so she contacted an astronomer. The astronomer said the she must be in the process for the metals to mix. The third time they made the bell, Ko-Ngai leaped into the furnace. Her father tried to stop her, but it was too late. When the bell was casted out, they saw that it was perfect, but they cannot find the body of Ko-Ngai in the bell.
A long time ago during the Ming Dynasty
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when did the action take place?
What action?