To change fractions to decimal: Divide the numerator by the denominator.
Ex. 4/5 = 4÷5 = 0.80
Decimal to fractions: Count first the number of decimal places and write it as a whole number over 10^x where x is the number of decimal places and give the fraction into lowest terms.
Ex. 0.625 (has 3 decimal places)
      625/10³ = 625/1000 (convert to lowest term) = 5/8

Standard form to Scientific notation: First, move the decimal point the required amount, to make the number's value within a desired range, between 1 and 10. Then multiply it by 10^x. To get the value of x, count the number of place values you passed as you moved the decimal point.
Ex. 178,000,000 
⇒ 1.78x10⁸

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Then it would be a mixed numeral, ang 1 ang whole number at ang 0.8 nalang ang icoconvert. 0.8=4/5 then 1 4/5 ang fraction :) or 9/5 kung improper fraction.
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