Certain hare species that live in cold climates have brown fur in the summer. In the winter, the brown fur is replaced by white fur. How does fur that changes color with the seasons most likely benefit the hare?

A) helps the hare attract mates
B) helps the hare maintain homeostasis
C) helps the hare blend into its environment
D) helps the hare with the rate of respiration



A) It might be true,but most animals use bright colors to attract a mate. I doubt that any animal would use the brown for attracting its potential mate.
B) No. Fur color has got nothing to do with the organism's internal balance.
C) Yes, some animals have adaptations that help them blend to their surroundings. e.g. Camouflage and Mimicry.
D) I have not heard of any cases that fur color has affected the rate of respiration. 

So,the answer here is letter C.