For example: (5x^4+6)(5x^4-6).. use foil method ..
Ano po ung foilethod ?
amm.. ung foil method po F Stands for FIRST O stands for outer I stands for inner then L stands for last.. Multiply the first term then so on and so fort
una po imultiply mo po muna ung nsa harap un po ung 5x^4 tyaka ung isa pang 5x^4 magiging 25 po sya tas x^8 kc po kapg nagmumultiply pinagaadd lng po ung exponent.. tapos sunod nmn po ung dalawang nsa dulo ung 5x^4 multiply s -6 kaya nging -30x^4 tas ung inner nmn po ung 6 multiply by 5x^4 magiging 30x^4 tas ung last nmn ung6 multiply by -6 equals to -36.. magiging ganto po yan.. 25x^8-30x^4+30x^4-36.. tapos combine like terms po kaya nwala po ung -30x^4 kc po magkaiba po ung sign kaya minnus po