Newton's Second Law of Motion Problem
1.) During a performance
at the circus, a man was fired from a compressed air cannon, whose
barrel was 20.0m long. the man emerged from the cannon at 40.0m/s, if
his mass was 70kg, find the average force exerted on him during the
firing of the cannon.

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We have the formula for Force: F = ma, which m is mass and a is the acceleration. We are given the mass, so we now compute for the acceleration: a = (V^2  - Vo^2) / 2(X), where a is the acceleration, V is the final velocity, Vo is the initial velocity and X is the distance. We assume the man started from rest, we have: a = [(40 m/s)^2 - (0 m/s)^2] / 2(20 m) = 40 m/s^2. Now we find the force: F = (70 kg)(40 m/s^2) = 2800 N.