Rushes are caused by sweat and dirt, so always change your clothes, specially if you are drenched (babad) in sweat.
1. Proper Sanitation
Always remember to keep you body and hands clean expecially if you just got out of the toilet, going to eat something, and licking you fingers because for sure, that causes bacteria that will later turn to complications. Trim your fingernails and get rid of it's dirt every week too and avoid not washing you body after going through a hike, mountain climbing and other adventurous things.

2. Avoid Scratching
- Itchy places in your bodies can sometimes lead to rashes. So in order to avoid rashes, don't scratch it and ignore the feeling. And never scratch it in a rough and hard way, our skins are delicate so we should be careful. We should also consult a dermatologist for further information about the itchy thigns we felt so that they will advise us to take some medications and ointments to avoid further complications.

Hope this helps!