1.nutrition - taking in nutrients which one organic substances and mineral ions,containing raw materials and energy for growth and tissues repair,absorbing and assimilating them

2.excretion- removal from organisms of toxic materials,the waste products of metabolism and substances in excess

Chemical reactions that break down  nutrient molecules in living cells  to release energy

Sensitivity - the ability to detect or sense  changes in the environment and to make responses

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Reproduction - progresses that make more of the same kind of organism
Growth - the permanent increase in size and dry mass by an increase in number of cells .
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They are made up of cells.
they have metabolism which is the sum total of all chemical reactions of the body.
homeostasis it is to maintain equilibrium in the body.
growth and development growing of cells and development of certain skills and attitudes.
irritability is the ability of an organism to react to its environment.
locomotion is the ability to move from one place to another.
reproduction is the preservation of species and is tqhe regrowing of cells.
adaptation and evolution is the ability to adapt to its environment while evolution is the generational change of organism it is a way of protecting themselves from harsh environments. This process takes thousands of years.... Phew that was very long