Latin translation is via lactea
member of the galaxies named the local group
there are spiral arms coming out from the center of milky way
size is about 30 parsecs in diameter
it is a spiral galaxy
other dwarf galaxies orbit the milky way galaxy
known as the binary system
the bulge in the center of milky way are said to be contain the old stars
it is where our solar system located
the disk is said to be made up of gas,young stars, and dust
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1. It's warped
2. It has a halo,but you can't directly see it
3. It has over 200 billion stars's really dusty and gassy
5. It's made up of other galaxies
6. It has a black hole at the center
7. It's almost as old as the universe itself
8. It's on the move
9. Every picture you've seen of the milky way from above it's either other galaxy
10. It's part of Virgo Supercluster,a grouping of galaxies within 150 million light years
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