What is the denotation and connotation of this question.....

this is choices ...
a. a condiment: food spice
b. reddish-brown in color
c. a compartment used for a special purpose
d. to bark with prolonged tone
e. an inlet of the sea
f. a main division of a structure
g. the position of one checked

this is question::::
1. the police kept the rioters,at bay
2. the pack of wolves kept baying at their quarry
3. she owns a fantastic bay horse
4. put two pieces of bay leaves into the mixture
5. the bay in rich is marine life
6. many sailors are now at sick bay
E the ship navigated the narrow bay



The connotation means are suggestion that comes on mind when u read or heard the word

denotation means comes from the meaning of the dictionary

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