I dont really get the question but what I'm writing is about a persuasive essay for the teenagers to think twice before everything's ruin in order for them to not experience being a teenage mother.

As a girl, it is really dangerous to be "too showy" and/or "too expressing" to one's feelings for another. Our emotions are really too sensitive and can easily be swayed away by a guy's so-called sweet acts and gestures making us enter to a relationship wherein we have no idea what's it really like except for "loving one another". But is that really all in a relationship?

Guys that are not serious about you will eventually transformed the word "love" to "lust". They don't and won't care at all about our feelings and such rather, only care for the looks and figure we have right now. And yet why do many girls fall for such an act? One thing I have observed is that girls are desperate and are "too curious" as to what being in a relationship means. That's why they just go for it even when they knew the worst possible consequences expecially if being a teenage girl.

Being a teenage mom, even when I just look from afar, is very difficult and tiring for those who have gone through such. And in the end, the girls would regret. As young as you are right now, try not to be involve in relationships that involve easy-going guys that only care simply for their desires. Act like a lady yet think like a boss. Do not be driven by your curiosity too because eventually someday your turn would be next in the perfect moment. And if you're a teenage mom, then whatever you do, you should think of your baby as your topmost priority. Even if you made a mistake, make sure to not let your son/daughter make the same mistake again. 

Be a good role model for them to follow and try your best in order to counteract life. Have determination and hard work to achieve the things you want to achieve for both of you. You shouldnt give up even when people or even your loved ones would discouraged you because for one, even when they think of you, you know what's best for yourself. And in everything you do, if your a believer in Christ, then have faith. Surely, God would guide you.