what is embedded sentence? give atleast 5 examples.

what is kernel sentence? give atleast 5 examples.

An embedded clause is present in a complex sentence, where there are multiple clauses. Embedded clauses are clauses inside of other clauses. For example in the following sentence, the bolded string is the embedded clause "I think that Mary likes peanuts". and A kernel sentence is a form of a sentence that is always active and affirmative. It is the form that does not contain any marked expression, mood or voice, it is passive.
example of kernel sentence The boy closed the door.


Embedded Sentences (and in some occasion called as embedded clause) are clauses usually placed in the middle of another clause. In simple terms, embedded sentences are clauses within clauses. They usually give more emphasis to the subject, or give the subject some description in order to provide the reader with some context as to what or who is doing the action.


1. The waiter, cold and pale as he is, stood there as the old lady screamed at him. 
2. Mr. Bartimore, who just got there, was shocked at his wife's actions.
3. Apparently, the waiter, who was flustered with the number of customers, served her the wrong dish.
4. Mrs. Bartimore, who was a vegetarian, felt offended as the waiter served him red meat. 
5. The other customers, who saw Mrs. Bartimore's tantrum, felt her reaction was uncalled for.

Kernel Sentences-  are simple, active, and declarative sentences that have no modifiers in them. They usually have one verb, and are in the active and affirmative voice. 


1. The baby ate all the berries.
2. He stole your wallet.
3. The waiter cooked your lunch blunt.
4. You make me believe in love agian.

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