For every circumstance and every result of what the person does in her/his life shall dwell on how the person created it how she/he acted is situations that cross his/her path. we are created go image likeness and are given the freewill to be our every own we;f. to learn how to discern things and decide in accordance with god's intellect laws, and teaching was there an instance in your life that you made certain decisions wherein you really asked for the guidance of god throught praying? write down the instance below indicate your personal view on the kind of decision you made



I would be thankful that i was created in God's image.
Yes many deciding if I should explain my side in their point of view about me even if it hurts my feeling  or just shut up so that they can say that i'm respecting them.

I decided to explain my side about my actions coz' they're always saying bad words to me.. I pray and ask guidance, and thankful that God helps me in deciding