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Biosphere= all ecosystems

Ecosystem= consists of all organisms living in a particular area, as well as the nonliving, physical components of the environment

Community= consists of various populations of organisms living together in a given area

Population= a group of organisms of the same species in any given area.

Organism= within a population there are organisms, just one of those organisms is called an organism. For example, within a population lions, there is a lion.

Organ system= consists of different organs that work together for a specific function.

Organ= consists of different tissues that function together to do a certain job

Tissue= consists of similar cells that work together

Cell= the smallest unit of life that is able to carry out all the functions of living things

Molecule= consists of different atoms. For example, DNA, within DNA there are oxygen atoms and different proteins.

Atom= the smallest unit of matter that has the chemical properties of a particular element.
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