The market stalls are being renovated. previously, the space was divided into square stalls. the new plan calls for each stall to be 40 cm greater in length and 40cm shorter in width.
a. write an expression that shows the new area of each stall.
b. write your expression as a polynomial.
c. if the dimensions of each old market stall were 2 meters by 2 meters, what will be the area of each new space?




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A. (x+40)(x-40)
b. x^{2} -1600
c. 40,000-1,600=38,400  38,400 cm^{2}

2 meters= 200 cm

So since 1 cm = 0.01 m then 1 square cm = 0.0001m
0.0001 square m I mean
ok, i got it already.. thank you so much..
by the way, how did you arrive with 40,000?