Can you help me with science?
1. Why are Producers important in the coral reef ecosystem?
2.Predict how the absence of phytoplankton in the coral reef could affect the entire community.
3.Why should we put our highest value to our coral reefs?

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A producer is an autotroph; an organism that can produce its own energy and nutrients, usually in photosynthesis (plants) or chemosynthesis (hydrothermal vents). In a coral reef ecosystem, the producers are blue-green algae, phytoplankton, zooxanthelle, seagrass, and brown algae. Absence of a producer in the ecosystem may upset the 'producer-consumer' balance.

Coral reefs are home to fishes of the sea. We eat fishes. Fish is one of our main sources of food. Without fish, there will be lack of food. Seeing as though the world's surface is 71% water, this clearly states that one of the main sources of food is fish. Fish is good. Fish is life. Save the fishes!

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Coral reefs are home to marine life. Fishes lay their eggs on corals, in which, protects the eggs from predators. Coral reefs not only serve as a nursery and 'sea-friendly' community for marine life, it also acts as a barrier against tides. Slowing the impact by absorbing some of it, the damage too. Coral reefs also gives beauty to the ocean floors. Years ago, usage of dynamite has disrupted the many homes of these fishes. Now, by banning any reef-threatening acts, coral reefs acts as one of the many things that protects marine life, even though some of them are now manmade for the sake of marine life to have a chance at surviving...

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