is it really 6a-40 or 6a-40=0? because if it is 6a-40=0 , means you are looking for the value of a. transpose 40 to the right hand side that will become 6a=40. in order tp get the value of a, divide both sides to 6---> 6a/6=40/6 , a=40/6 or a=20/3 (lowest term)
yes you've got a point. but it did not say "find the value of a"
thats why i put "IF IT IS 6a-40=0 , means you are looking for the value of a" i didnt say that mine is correct :) the important thing here is we are able to help/give her ideas in solving.
Okay sorry. My apologies if I offended you. I haven't read your comments clearly and I was just also expressing what's in my mind.
No worries! :))



that can't be solved because they don't have the same variable. I only factored it.
You can't solve that expression because they are unlike terms. Though, you can factor them by getting their GCF.