Without Producers, will consumers stay alive? Why?

No, because consumers are just dependent to the producers, and the main producers are the plants .
my answer is no because if there is no plants or other producers, herbivores will starve and will not be able to live or survive.


Yes. probably because consumers will find a way to fill up their stomachs. It will eventually lead them from eating the other consumers. :) hope this helps ;)
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(I'd be the opposition for this one.)

For me, no they won't.  Because not all consumers are carnivores. Mostly, the the consumers that are herbivores are the ones that would give us much nutrients and vitamins in our body. Without them, we, too would be forced to eat much more on carnivorous foods making our bodies unhealthy and unbalanced. Producers are very vital in our lives, including animals too because mostly the one that could cure their diseases is the natural way which is through the producers in various ways. And if the 1st consumer which is the herbivores might die without the producers, then again, no nutrients can be found. 
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