1st one is about religion. ( Christianity)

From dusk to dawn,
Sun, moon, and stars You've drawn
You breathe life on Earth
And gave us worth.

Hear my words, O Lord Most High
Guide me that I may not make another lie
For my sins will displease 
My God would not be in peace.

Again, I'm sorry with all my heart
For making a mess that can tore us apart
But You need not to worry
Because my faith and trust are the ones that I would never bury

Praising and worshiping You,
My Lord! These are the things that I would always do
I will give You, My God, constant love
Thank You and shout it to the heavens above!

I'll spread my faith like wildfire
And sing harmoniously like the sound of a lyre
And at times of fears and weaknesses, My Lord
I'll still strongly believe that You'll always be my sword...

2nd is about regrets ( My version also seen in wattpad )

Remember the promise you have made?
The one when you said it would never fade..
I still believe that one day it would be fulfilled,
Even though our relationship now needs to be rebuild

The tears you have made,
Made me realize how much you felt betrayed.
I am sorry with all my heart,
For making a mess that made us apart

We might be far across from each other,
But I'll still be here waiting for your answer
I don't care how long will I wait,
As long as I'll be able to see you even with all the hate.

I'll treasure those happy moments we've been together,
And hope for the best for us to be better.
It might seem inevitable now,
But I know we will soon be together somehow.

I know it's all too late,
And I know your already filled with hate
But I believe this is fate
So I'll look after you from the shadows and wait.