DNA also contains all the genetic coding which is used to control functions, behavior and development of an organism. DNA is also used as a long term storage device to store the genetic instructions. These instructions must be correct so the DNA can make an exact copy of itself.
The function of DNA in a cell is to code the way proteins turn genes on or off.
the function of DNA is to make the proteins
DNA is the foundation of life. It's a complex molecule made up of four types of bases, cross connected like a staircase, and twisted into a spiral. All four proteins each connect with one other and the sequence of all the pairings makes up your genes which defines who you are as well as all other organisms on Earth. All cells have (with few exceptions), in their nuclei exact copies of your body's DNA. The exceptions to this are in the male and female germ cells or gametes, which are used for reproduction. The order of the pairs is closely guarded by the body's cells and every time cells reproduce, by splitting into two, the DNA is copied into the new cell. Sometimes the split is defective but usually, the cell can repair the damage.