Eddie's sister, Delia, despise him so much. She was blaming him for the death of their mom. She nearly killed him. She hit him so hard when he accidentally broke the leg of her doll. Everything he likes simply disgust her. She told Berto to kill his monkey when it snickered at her one morning while she was brushing her teeth. Eddie did not say a thing when Delia told their father that she doesn't like his pigeon house because it stank. So Berto had to give away the pigeons and chop the pigeon house. He got hold of himself for he knew that her sister has a weak heart. But when Delia burned his butterflies, he realize that he was spiting for a long time.
Eddie got a centipede from the stack of wood Berto was chopping. He made sure it was dead and placed it on a cloth. When he got home, he went to the balcony where her sister always spend her time alone. He saw her sitting on a chair. He suddenly threw the cloth with the centipede on her lap. Delia collapsed and had a difficulty in breathing. When Eddie saw her sister, guilt and fear lurked his being. He hurriedly went to her and told her that the centipede was dead. 
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