When metal is exposed in acidic mixture, the acid will rust the metal.
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because the acidity is certainly considered to be acidic not base, it is considered well acidic, since it's already in the name....well for a base mixture, it is safe because it does not harm the person in any way or to any other creature, depending on what kind of creature it is. When a litmus paper is used to measure the acidity of the mixture it will appear in two different colors with two different meanings such as blue for base and red for acidic and the more red it becomes the more acidic the mixture is and an example for a base mixture is dish washing soap and an example for acidic mixture is bleach because it can damage your hands or any other part of the human body so to your question "What will happen s to metal when exposed to an acidic mixture?" depending on what kind of acidic mixture it is although mostly if flammable or biochemical, it is most likely to end up making the metal melt or rust
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