Some people say that children do not have any right to talk nor answer questions that are not really for them. But children do have rights and some are either abusing it or discriminating children since they are older or they must be followed. I, too, when I was at a young age was not really treated that of an importance since I'm just a kid before and is just innocent in this world. But how can the children know how to defend themselves in the future when in the past, they were given not much attention?

There are tons of rights of a child some of which I've known are:

1. Right to speak of the truth
- If the child knows of the truth, then let him/her speak. Don't be afraid of letting them speak because they have the right. And since they are children, surely they'd be guilty if they were to lie.

2. Right to avoid abuses 

- Children, including and specifically girls are prone to abuses such as physical abuse like spanking, kicking and rape. This is highly something that must be cease at all cost. Since they are children, some people took advatage of this and pretend to be a friend of theirs since they know children easily believes in someone yet in the end, they treatened them and use them simply for pleasure and one main reason why they do this is because they knew children especially girls don't know how to fight back but just would cry.
All children have a right to follow, right to play, right to have a name, right to go to school, right to be protected. :)