It's all about a cruel leader that made a law that all elders should be abandoned. No one ever thought twice about this and continually followed their despotic leader. The poor farmer thought twice about this and still followed the leader. Just at sundown after his work ended he took a quantity of unwhitened rice, cooked it and dried it..tying it in a square cloth and bundled it around his neck with a gourd filled with cold, sweet water. He climbed the mountain where in he will leave his mother there. The road was steep and it was hard to navigate through the trees. The old mother of the poor farmer broke twigs from the trees and threw them on the ground to make a trail for her son to go back to the village. He continued until he reached the top and was about to leave her mother. Her mother said that he should follow the path her mother made for him so he would go back safely. The poor farmer shriveled and cried for he really loved his mother so much he doesn't want to abandon her. He brought her mother down the trail again to the village and hid her mother. He hid her in a closet hidden from view where he feeds her everyday. After days the despotic leader ordered a new request to let the villagers make a rope of ashes. The poor farmer was troubled and yet his mother told him some advicce to make a straw and twist it and burn it on a windless night. Alas in the morning the farmer showed the governor which made the governor pleased. He asked where'd the farmer got the wisdom to do that and the farmer told the truth. He finally acknowledged what the farmer has said and remembered a saying "with crown of snow there cometh wisdom". The cruel law was abolished and the farmer's mother was safe and was never abandoned. THE END...
The moral lesson is always listen to your elders lol hahaha
i thank you 2 times!!! ty!! i will use this story for my project in language. so, thanx again!