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1. One of the popular beliefs in Japan is that a person shouldn't enter a home during a funeral without throwing salt all over his body. This is believed to be a purification ritual for the soul.

2. Sticking chopsticks on rice (or any other food) is bad luck because this is only done during funerals.

3. Japanese people value respect and hardwork more than anything else. If you don't bow to your elders, or slack around and be lazy, it's disrespectful to them. They don't even have overtime at work because they believe that if you work hard, you can finish everything in eight hours.

1. IF you build a house facing north, it's bad luck.

2. Don't ever have a turtle for a pet, it will slow down your business.

3. The Chinese are practical more than any person in the world is. They want to have a wealthy comfortable life, and relies on the bond of the family, the business and luck.


1. Don't cut your nails in the night, it's bad luck.

2. A woman on her menstural period week should not take a bath because doing so will make her crazy

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