Just add the measurements of the side to get the perimeter. However, if you want the easy way, here are the formulas:
Rectangle = 2L + 2W, where length of the rectangle shall be multiplied by 2, and same with the width of the rectangle

Square = 4S, where the S is the equal sides of it.

Triangle =  S_{1} + S _{2} + B, where the subscript sides are the sides that finishes the triangle, and the base is the underline of the triangle.

Trapezoid =  S_{1} +  S_{2} + B_{1} +  B_{2} , where the sides are the posts of the trapezoid, and the base is the top and under lines of it.

Parallelogram = same formula with Rectangle

Circle = technically, it's not perimeter, but it's CIRCUMFERENCE. Formula is:
 \pi d, where pi is 3.14, and d is the diameter of the circle, which passes thorough the center in a straight line completely.

1 5 1
2 (pi) (radius)
a circle with a radius of 1 meter
sol: just plug in the value of the given radius and you're done
so on our example the answer should be 
= 6.28 meter