Abortion, as we all know, has been used many times on innocent undevelop babies. One main reason why women would do such is first, because they aren't prepared to be a mother, second, because their partner left them and they got nothing else to supply the baby's basic needs and last one, is because they assume that the baby is a "mistake". But what they are missing is that even how many problems, trials and even "mistakes" they would make, that baby, even if you turn the world upside down, is life. It is another life. A blessing, and the joy to which you would experience upon seeing it.

Yet why do some women or even young ladies abort such a beautiful thing? Lust is a word that can be interconnected with this matter. Some say the baby is "just a mistake" but actually the baby is not the mistake, rather, they are the ones. If they hadnt gone overboard and do things that they are still not ready yet, then why go with the flow with it? 

Carrying and delivering a baby is hard. All women know that. Experiencing pain, sorrows and everything. But after you have a life within you, why not keep it? Even if it's hard at first, at the end, all those pain and all those sufferings are worth it. Joy and laughter would definitely replaced those negative and bad emotions. You just need to endure it, ask advices too and most especially, when carrying it, fill that baby all the love you could give it. Don't just deliver and carry it for the sake of getting rid of the burden, cherish it because sooner or later, you will really regret.

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Wow. Thank you so much. Youre really good at explaining :)