I really want to hear opinions about the world nowadays. It's effect on teenagers

I'll just focus simply in one thing.
The world nowadays just concentrates on what is mainstream like social networking sites.
The effect is. when ur an average-looking girl, and you see someone very pretty in IG with the same age as yours, it's like losing ur self-esteem. And insecurity just flows through.


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The world nowadays is as we can see right now, high-tech. It has a huge change compared to the old times. Even if we benefit a lot from the world nowadays such as fast communication, quick informations, and new inventions, theorems and even new medicines, it has a lot of bad effects too such as:

1. Addiction
- Not really addiction in drugs ( but that can be possible too), but more on addiction to the new technologies we have right now such as our computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. These technologies are very beneficial to us but sometimes we go overboard with it like through those, we learn more swear words, we even disrespect others because of it and sometimes ignore our parent's errands and sayings to us. 

2. Away from God
- Technologies are really fun, even I admitted it but sometimes we need to limit in using those because rather than drawing us nearer to God, we became father away from Him. Like if it's Sunday, some would make up excuses like doing projects and such to continue playing in the new gadgets. Ignoring God is really the greatest and big effect it has on teenagers.

3. Learning Bad Websites
Teenagers, most expecially guys are really learning into accessing bad websites to learn inapproriate things that are not fitted for their ages. They even sometimes commit bad things in reality because of the heavy influece they got from the internet.

Hope this helps:)
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Bad influences, from friends and environment.

Drinking alcohol inside the house/store/hang out places, or smoking.
Stealing, bullies, getting married early (and no money/work).
Getting into some bad organization.
this is just an additional :)
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