Parents - to watch over their children, protect them, and give them GOOD LIFE.

Children - help their parents (in good ways). Respect their parents and love them.

1. Moral Obligations of Parents
- Parents, are mainly the ones responsible in taking care of their children. Raising them, supporting them, and even caring for them is their number one obligation. They work so that their children would be educated and would work sometime in the future. They would do everything to make us happy, even if you, as a daughter/son doesnt like sometimes on how they show their care and concern, you need to understand that they are only acting strict and doing things against your approval because they knew better and are the ones facing so many problems. Yet above all of these things, their number one obligation is loving their children and raising them to become better persons someday and to teach their children how to be a good follower of God.

Moral Obligations of Children
- As a child I really know how many obligations we carry with us. To study and have good grades is one of our main and top obligations. We study to achieve our dream in the future. We shouldnt waste our parents' effort and money for nonsense acts nor things. Being materialistic would never help us learn one bit about reality. Be contented and just focus on your studies. We, too, have obligations as a child in our homes. Doing chores, and running errands are one of them. One important obligation too is to be a good follower in God. Do simple yet good acts. Yet dont do everything so seriously. Along the way, we should also have a bit of fun.