9x2-36x+16y2+9y= -30
9x(x-4)+y(16y+9)= -30

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i mean, after getting the standard equation, I need to find out the Center of the ellipse, the semi major axis, the semi minor axis and the Foci, how do i get that..please help..
there are certain formulas you need to use or guides that give direct answers once you get the standard equation. knowing school, i bet your teacher already gave those guidelines in getting what you need
absolutely not, I'm a modular student, not a regular student, i just received problems from my professor and I learned math process by myself, unfortunately, i'm having difficulty answering the given equation..can you help..
unfortunately the further questions are beyond my learings. im only a 1st year student
its okey, i bet your quite a math wizard considering your can also try to extend your learning on topic: Conic Section, Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola so that you can help me next time..nice try..thankz.